Wednesday 18 July 2007

Nömadak Tx

The Txalaparta is a unique musical instrument. It is a percussion instrument played by two musicians. However, the music that arises from their encounter does not belong to either of them, but to the dialogues and encounters they have shared.

Nömadak Tx is a documentary that charts the particular journey of Igor Otxoa and Harkaitz Mtnez. de San Vicente, two Basque musicians who decided to fully utilise their Txalaparta as a meeting point. Not only as a meeting point between two individuals, but as a fulcrum between various cultures. Their Txalaparta was brought to some of the most remote places on the planet in search of distinct new sounds and voices... They lived amongst the Adivasi people of India, the Sami people of Laponia, with the people of the Mongol steppe and with the nomads of the Sahara.

Each encounter is unique and wonderful. Woven together in a delicate montage that should reinforce for any viewer the simplicities of basic human interaction. Lest you forget, we are all the same. We all like a good tune.

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