Tuesday 26 June 2007


PETA president Ingrid Newkirk has blasted Michael Moore, labelling him a hypocrite for criticising the US health service in his new film SiCKO. Her reason? The fact that Michael Moore is so terribly unhealthy. In a letter to Moore she wrote: "There's an elephant in the room, and it's you." She then encouraged Moore to become a vegetarian and check out goveg.com, PETA's veggie recipe site.

Now, Ingrid. Steady on love... Firstly, you are calling the guy fat. That is just mean. More importantly, your argument makes no sense. Surely if Michael Moore is unhealthy then that makes him perfectly qualified - or at the very least, no less qualified than anybody else - to comment on the health service. After all, unhealthy people are generally the people that use a health service.

Poor woman, must be the vitamin and mineral deficiencies...

P.S. It is the opinion of The New(ish) Journalism that Michael Moore films are plebeian piles of emotionally manipulative cinematic wank. They are cynical polemic, not documentary.

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