Tuesday 5 June 2007

Ultra MegaTechnobandið Stefán (UMTBS) & Iceland Airwaves 2007

Iceland Airwaves 2007. The ninth annual Iceland Airwaves music festival takes place this year from the 17th - 12st October in downtown Reykjavík. If the requisite funds can be put in place then The New(ish) Journalism shall certainly be there... Headliners include Bloc Party, !!!, Buck 65, of Montreal, múm, Benni Hemm Hemm, Best Fwends and Jenny Wilson. Approximately 170 other acts shall also be clamouring for the attention of this year's festival goers. Such indie fuelled intensity in the almost total seasonal darkness of Iceland; a darkness illuminated only by the bewitching glow of the aurora borealis. A most worthwhile holidaying experience, one would imagine.
Also, I must admit to being intrigued (?) by the live prospect of five-piece Ultra MegaTechnobandið Stefán (UMTBS), recently confirmed for the festival. Unashamed scenesters, these rave-sympathetic Icelandic youths seem to offer an interestingly visual (?) gig, if nothing else. While I am sure it will probably all irritate quite quickly, there might be something more at play underneath their cacophony of glo-sticks and overt cliché. Then again, there might not... Have a look at this clip, a TV appearance of theirs during which they play "Story Of A Star". Thoughts?



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darren said...

i got to see them at airwaves 2006, they were pretty much the highlight of the festival for me.


i dont think much analysis should be put into the outfits :) just crazy teens doing fantastically energetic music. the lead singer is mad.