Sunday 10 June 2007

The Primavera Experience

Missed out on Primavera this year then? Me too, had gathered nowhere near the requisite funds... However, a few mates of mine made the trip to Barcelona, and to compound my (our) jealousy one of them posted a video on youtube chronicling their escapades. The charlatans. Maybe its because I know them, but I feel it quite accurately depicts the debauched lunacy of the festival break away. Huzzah DJ Eurovision! Huzzah!

I don't know what the pink marker is about either, but about 200 people bore their seal by the end of the festivities... Roll on the Picnic!


Colm said...

Great stuff. I'd swear that the Michael Jackson unlookalike is the same guy that was pretending to be Ronaldinho on Las Ramblas when I was there last year.

John Cav said...

You know I'd say you're right. It's the spit of him anyway. He had a few decent flicks and tricks as Ronaldinho but was a bit shite to be fair.

Saw him getting heckled by Levski Sofia fans before their Champions League group game at the Nou Camp in September. Which we endured a torrential downpour whilst watching... Good spot sir.