Friday 15 June 2007

The Ould Catholic Guilt

Ah jaysus now, ye can't be having a go at the Pope... Bollocks...

Holy twisted misogyny Batman, the Vatican council have called for Catholics to withdraw support for human rights group Amnesty International, accusing the group of promoting abortion. The Vatican have also withdrawn all financial aid to Amnesty. According to the council's president Cardinal Renato Martino:

"... the "suspension of all financing of Amnesty by Catholic organisations and by individuals" is the "inevitable consequence" of the group's recent decision to support access to abortion for women who had been raped or whose health was endangered by their pregnancy."

Amnesty have said that their actions were inspired by the group's international campaign to combat violence against women. However, it will not conduct any worldwide campaign in favour of abortion or its general legalisation and "will not make any judgement on whether it is right or not."

In 1996 the Catholic Church took a similar measure in cutting off aid to the United Nations childrens' fund UNICEF, also accused of promoting abortion. UNICEF was distributing in refugee camps around the world a post-intercourse spermicide for young women or teenage girls who had been raped.

At the time Vatican aid to UNICEF totalled $2,000 a year.

Interestingly, after this declaration by the Vatican, Amnesty Italy promptly countered with a statement saying that it had received absolutely no financial aid from the Vatican anyway.

The Catholic Church? Practitioners of self-serving hypocrisy? Say it ain't so...

Sinister vibrations.

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