Thursday 14 June 2007


Teenagers the country over sat two Junior Certificate examinations today. They were:

Science and Religion.

On the same day. Funny that.


Kevin Breathnach said...

I'll add to this.

I worked in Eason's for a year. I often noted (to myself, you are assured) that very juxtaposition, but posed elsewhere. The alphabet has arranged itself deviously enough, such that Religion textbooks are followed immediately by the Science textbooks. There are too many books in Eason's, given its shelf space. This meant, to add yet more, that the Religion and Science books fought, day in day out, for space, for their display and dissemination. For their lives.

To myself, you are assured.

John Cav said...

Funny you should mention the alphabetical proximity of both fields. The irony of this exams business provided me with some more chuckles on Saturday night.

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