Tuesday 5 June 2007

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The New(ish) Journalism has liked FX's show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia for many a month now. For many a month now he had also assumed most other people did too. That was until he discovered that almost every person he mentioned it too at a barbecue on Sunday had never even heard of the show. This confused him as the show is easily one of the funniest live action comedies to hit TV screens in a long time. Funniest since Arrested Development in fact, another FX show.

Often politically incorrect, heavily ironic and self-aware, always funny... Have a look at the clip below if you are one of those who has never seen It's Always Sunny... Laugh your bottom off at it again if you already have. It is taken from the episode "Dennis and Dee Get A New Dad". Through the wonder of myspace, Dennis and Dee find out that Frank (Danny de Vito being funny again) may not be their biological father. The clip is 03:40 in length. Incest, turkey necks, abortion and whores are mentioned. Impressively ammoral.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia airs on Channel 6 every Tuesday night.


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