Wednesday 20 June 2007

The Go! Team, Deerhoof & Robinson's Fruit & Barley

A trio of audiovisual treats now... First up, The Go! Team's "Grip Like A Vice". Aurally, not too dissimilar to their debut, but when it ain't broke and so on... A riotous animated smorgasbord of block party vibes, blaxploitation imagery, and graffiti catechisms. Their performance at Electric Picnic is eagerly anticipated.

Next, Deerhoof's "Wrong Time Capsule". They are headlining the Foggy Notions Stage at the Picnic and a sonically quixotic show lies in store for those who choose to attend. I may well be one of them, a lack of clashes permitting... Apeshit animation, directed by Martha Colburn.

Last and probably least, but endearing in its own right... The rather sweet advertisement for Robinson's Fruit & Barley currently doing the televisual rounds. Why its inclusion in this trio? The quirky animation fits quite comfortably with the aesthetic of this post, and that's Deerhoof playing in the background that is... Capitalist swine! I jest.

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