Tuesday 19 June 2007

The Evolutionary Plateau of Contemporary American Hip Hop

Just today The Rocking Una posted a link to the following fantastic article on the commercial slide and creative stasis of mainstream American hip hop:

Can rap recover from sales slump - USA Today.

A rant about the cynical and clichéd nature of mainstream American hip hop should be forthcoming, but there is no need. The dislocated egotistical greed of its major stars is adequately summed up in the following sentence: 50 Cent endorses grape-flavoured vitamin water. Any claims to credibility are lost in this nonsense, and people are beginning to tire of it all. Gangsta rappers seem to have lost all sense of the altruistic and communal angst of their predecessors. Who cares when there is a new Nike to peddle?

An injection of wit and creativity is seriously needed if commercial American hip hop is to be revived. However, I doubt the will for change even exists. The gangsta captains are going down with their pimped out ships. Aiight!

For your aural and visual delectation, the Irish Messiah J & The Expert with "Something Outta Nothing". An example of creative, witty and effortlessly cerebral hip hop. An example of how hip hop should be. An old example, but a good one nonetheless:

My, what a reactionary post. Thanks www.unarocks.blogspot.com.

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