Friday 8 June 2007

Dan & Becs - A Second Series

Dan & Becs returns for another series in September. Now some might say that the programme is grossly unfunny and populated by two inherently pompous and unlikeable characters whose 'relationship' is a lesson in vacuous futility. Some might agree, but for The New(ish) Journalism there are deeper issues at play here. The commissioning bodies at RTE have missed a trick with the Dan & Becs format... Much more could be done with it all.
How about simply transplanting the format out of its D4 environs? Keep the 'comedy' but make it more real, more visceral, more gritty... RTE commissioning board I give you Darren & Jacinta. The show will be set in Southill in Limerick. Darren, 22, is an unemployed shelf-stacker with a penchant for domestic abuse and firearms. Jacinta, 19, is an unemployed mother of three, living at home with her mother in Kincora Park, a mother who the Gardaí suspect is harbouring a known fugitive. Their love transcends their societal confines and blossoms amid the constant tension and occasional firefights. Will Tescos ever let Darren back? Will Jacinta ever get the hang of hot-wiring her birthday present?
Truthful and breezy. Hardhitting and uplifting. Darren & Jacinta would be a surefire winner.
DISCLAIMER - This is not a dig at Southill. Just a dig at RTE. Boring, clichéd, lazy stereotypes seem to be their stock in trade, so I thought I would ironically pander. Oh, the irony.

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