Friday 22 June 2007

Black Sheep

I've been keeping tabs on this flick for quite some time. Jonathan King's Black Sheep; an intriguing blend of B-movie schlock and revolutionary agricultural technology. The plot is ludicrously daft: the pastoral elegance of New Zealand is torn asunder by rampaging hordes of zombie sheep... It's all very Freudian.

I have never trusted sheep, what with their beady eyes and nervous disposition. Sinister gimps.

Oh, Dolly! When Sheep Go Bad, Forget the Peace in the Valley - NY Times.


antrophe said...

Oh God, this is brilliant stuff...

"There's something wrong with the sheep..."

What a line.

John Cav said...

I really cannot wait to see this movie.

That horde of sheep coming over the hill is cinematic genius. Pure and simple.

God bless you Peter Jackson (and Weta Workshop)!

Ronan said...

This should be a larf!