Saturday 12 May 2007

Thought(s) For The Day

As your weekend hits full tilt, permit The New(ish) Journalism to pervade the abundant happiness of it all with these two dollops of wisdom...
Firstly, a quote from Marcus Cicero, a Roman orator and lawyer of roughly 2000 years past, containing within a sentiment that is all too infrequently adhered to by the politicians of the present. Consider its implications in a global political climate dominated by the Neo-Con Crusades of Dubya Et Al and the pesky objection of the Natives... Insurgents, sorry, Insurgents. Where are my manners? Oh yes, the quote:
"Freedom is participation in power."
Secondly, one from Bill Hicks, which may or may not be related. You decide.
"What do atheists scream when they come?"
Thank you. Now advance my friends and recklessly embrace the hedonism of it all. Or Tubridy Tonight. Whichever you prefer. For The New(ish) Journalism, an unfinished romance with a quart of Jamesons, pear Kopperberg, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names and the maximalist joy of Erol Alkan awaits. Consequences will surely follow, but are unimportant in the meanwhile.

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