Sunday 27 May 2007

Tehran... Meet Fox News.

Room# 101. Hypocrisy For Dummies. Courtesy of Fox News.

On May 16th in an interview with Fox News host Neil Cavuto, John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the UN, left viewers in no doubt that he supports a military strike on Iran. The justifications for such an action as Bolton sees them? Iran's "extensive political and military interference in Iraq" and the Iranian administration's alleged intention to develop a nuclear weapon... Please, allow common sense a retort Mr Bolton. On the charge of interference, exactly what are the US Army doing in Iraq at the moment? Secondly, one possible nuke as opposed to 5,735 active or operational US nuclear warheads out of a total arsenal of 9,960 intact warheads? (Statistic located on wikipedia, link below.)

The quote of the clip? "If the Europeans, the Russians, or the Chinese can't be brought along, we'll have to do the job ourselves." Brought along? Bouncing baby Jesus on a rusty trampoline... Who are these people? What are these people? Furthermore, what kind of deviant fucknut is actually informed by Fox News?

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