Monday 14 May 2007

Subtle & I

Nice one. Not only does newbie The New(ish) Journalism get a mention as a worthwhile blog on Nialler9 ( - cheers Niall by the way - but he finds out in the very same post that Subtle are playing Crawdaddy this coming Friday, May 18th. Vital information that somehow escaped the meagre fool until now. For penance... The shame.

I digress. Subtle's For Hero: For Fool is quite simply a stunning album, easily one of the best of last year. Quixotic genre-straddling "hip-hop" is what is on offer, and according to the band themselves it is in the live arena where their songscapes become fully moulded, fully realised. This is their first ever Irish gig, so it should be a cracker. They are ably supported by Super Extra Bonus Party, an Irish band of whom I have only recently become aware. Damn good though.

Tickets €16. From WAV, Road Records & City Discs.

Here's some live footage of both [Subtle vid is more about Dose's bantering skills and theatricality, "Drone Rock" = Tune]:

Subtle: Midas Gutz, Not sure where and when.

Super Extra Bonus Party: Drone Rock, Riverbank Theatre, April 12th 2007.

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nialler9 said...

no problem dude. see ya friday maybe