Thursday 24 May 2007

Strike A Pose!

Blonde Redhead's "Top Ranking". The song is one of the more unremarkable ones from recent album 23, but the video is certainly interesting. Director Mike Mills' visual conceit is simple: one pose per second of the song's duration. What is impressive about this video is not the anatomical dexterity of the cute brunette on display, but the video's disjointed, almost unsettling aesthetic. A curious montage that feels almost like a slideshow. Thrifty charm. "Obvious" invention. Her eyes...

Subtlety is not something that megaproducer Timbaland would be known for. Perhaps he should take a leaf from the Mill's book above. Check out his video for new single "Throw It On Me" (featuring The Hives) below. Bling meets pulp fiction in a shameless pastiche of Robert Rodriguez's Sin City: all skyhigh wrestling rings, voluptuous WWE divas, and gratuituous pre-watershed groping. Shame it all comes across like Ghetto Benny Hill. Derivative and meandering nonsense. And that goes for the song too. Scuzzy garage guitar riffs and hip hop beats? You don't say. How groundbreaking.

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