Thursday 3 May 2007

Sporadic Album Review #2: The Reminder - Feist

Gloriously meandering. Nonchalantly charming. Lushly tuneful. And these nuggets of praise are meant solely for the musical arrangements on display here. Arrangements that are at all times accompanied by a vocal breathy and emotive, haunting and heartwarming. That vocal belongs to Leslie Feist; 31-year old Canadian singer songwriter and often member of Broken Social Scene and By Divine Right. I am reviewing her latest album, The Reminder.

Quite simply, this is an extremely impressive album. Feist has always displayed a penchant for the willfully eclectic - at times sparse and displaced, at times gloriously upbeat (2005 single "Mushaboom") - but this impulse has been reigned in somewhat on The Reminder. Reigned in by an altogether more coherent and consistent aesthetic. The soundscape is still unequivocally Feist-ian, if you will, but it is one everybody can admire. It politely asserts on the listener, with every listen revealing another dexterous charm... Paean to a lover's regret "So Sorry". The shimmering alt. pop of "I Feel It All" and "1 2 3 4". The almost disco house insistence of "Sealion". The effortless epiphany of final track "How My Heart Behaves". Each as pleasurable as the other.

The Reminder is a joyous release. Feist offers us realisation of the therapy of nondescript memories, good or bad. Posed with a handclap and a smile. Your endless summer evenings deserve to be soundtracked thusly. Beautiful.
Rating: ****/5

Because I like you. Watch the video for "1 2 3 4" below.

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