Saturday 26 May 2007


Michael Moore's SiCKO. Another Michael Moore film. Another heavy handed polemic against the abuses of Bush & Co. The subject of Moore's ire this time? The health care system in America. While Moore is certainly correct to point out the many flaws in said system, his methodologies in doing so are nauseating. This can not be labelled documentary. Moore once again casts himself as the crusading hero of the piece, completely engulfing the centre stage. "Show gratitude yon peasantry as Sir Michael Moore rides in on his trusty silver steed!" Fictional devices anyone? For such a reknowned filmmaker Moore seems to show no respect for his form, no inclination of the responsibility of a documentarian to present a balanced argument. He is malicious with his edits. Once again Moore presents his audiences with gratuituously stylised and patronising diatribe - the Charlton Heston baiting at the end of Bowling For Columbine, the heavy metal montages of Fahrenheit 911, mothers weeping directly into the camera as they roll up the American flag and take it in from the lawn forever...
One of the facts Moore reveals in the film to shock and repulse his viewer is that the US is 37th in the world in terms of health care, one place above Slovenia. Above Slovenia! Come on Americans, this is clearly a disgusting insult... The fucking arrogance of such a statement.
Granted, Moore may be well-intentioned. He may also be an egotistical opportunist. But for a documentarian there are inumerable other ways to tackle social issues and dilemmas, each one more worthwhile and considered than this.


m said...

In front of Slovenia??? What is so shameful about it? I don't understand it. And by the way, the WHO list is old and outdated.

John Cav said...

I know. It is ridiculous. Such an arrogant statement to just throw out their... And that "evildoers" spectacle on the boat is so unbelievably cynical. Annoys me.