Tuesday 22 May 2007

The Shiznit

Sample from Your Round, an anthology series from the creators or The Shiznit. The Shiznit is in full colour and this is in black and white, but dammit I thought it was funny, as is The Shiznit... What an inane caption.

During The New(ish) Journalism's weekende de fun in Dublin he picked up a copy of a rather sweet free Irish comic magazine called The Shiznit. According to the blurbings of the comic's creator Bob Byrne, the aim of the magazine is to "kickstart an indigenous comics industry".

Allow The New(ish) Journalism a timely confession. He is nothing more than a fairweather comic book fan, at best. At this stage every comic book he has ever read has been adapted into a mediocre Hollywood actioner. And he is not really bothered by any of the oft and alleged blasphemy of their Hollywoodisation. Except Batman & Robin. That fucking hurt. Yet even one as indifferent as he must applaud The Shiznit's intentions and wish it well on its noble quest. Why so? Cynical, hilarious, sweet and depressing, this comic really is a good read. Pick a copy up if you can. After all... it is free.

If you live outside Dublin (Crow Corner Comics is their main depot), Galway, Cork or Belfast this may prove a challenge, but you can contact the good Clamnuts Comix people at their website and they will endeavour to provide you with an issue or two.

Also, props to fellow Ennis man Declan Shalvey on his constant contribution to The Shiznit; the man a talented artist since the halcyon days of secondary school. Fly the flag brother. Drop it not in the stagnant puddles of The Whest, but hold it aloft in the liberating gales of The Pale. Or something.

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