Thursday 24 May 2007


The scene was being set beautifully. Shafts of morning light danced flirtatiously on the brow of The New(ish) Journalism, as he dozed lazily on the couch, his preemptive Nescafé rendered obsolete. Yet he did not care. Tranquil reverberations. But it was not to last...

Anna Prior, the Sinn Féin candidate for Clare, decided that she must interrupt the peace of all and sundry as she drove around blaring the following mantra from a megaphone: "Vote Anna Prior! A Vote for Sinn Féin Is A Vote For Change!" Desperation setting in on the morning of the event? On hearing this racket, The New(ish) Journalism's dog duly went apeshit, barking and growling ferociously, only calming down five minutes after the substantial din subsided.

Perhaps he had read Sinn Féin's ludicrous financial policies? Ooh, burn.

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