Tuesday 22 May 2007

Observer Music Monthly & Electric Picnic

Published in the current Observer Music Monthly is a list of 25 acts you must see this summer. Whilst The New(ish) Journalism has always had a problem with such aggressive language when hyping bands - you should see them, "must" has fascistic connotations of death threats and kidnappings - he was glad to discover that no fewer than SIX of these 25 are playing at Electric Picnic. And he would agree with most of them (just cannot get excited about Albarn's latest vanity project). They are as follows:

No. 2: The Good, The Bad & The Queen
No. 3: The Jesus & Mary Chain
No. 9: Beastie Boys
No. 10: Bonde Do Role
No. 18: The Chemical Brothers
No. 20: Bjork


Quite excited about the live proposition of Bonde Do Role. The baile funksters look set to be the indie kid's irony of choice this year, but the twisted pop quality of their tunes and the mania of their live shows could suggest a longevity not normally associated with a band so terribly "now". Yet even if they do fizzle out quickly, it is all an enjoyable strangeness. Embrace it. Quality videos too... Check out the video to "Solta O Frango". A human cockfight. But of course.

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