Monday 14 May 2007

How To Play The Jew's Harp

As The New(ish) Journalism walked the streets of Galway over the weekend just past, he noticed clutches of hippie buskers enthralling tourists/being largely ignored as they played the jew's harp. In skilled hands this instrument is capable of cleverly layered tone and melody. In most hands and mouths however, it is cruel and comedic aural torture. Therefore, just in case these recent buskers are signifying the latest summer craze (quite possible too in Galway), here is a brief tutorial on how to play the jew's harp (knomus); presented by the frontman of Siberian folk group Bugotak.

On the subject of Bugotak, you should really check out their fascinating - actually not sure what adjective does it justice - Siberian folk cover of The Beatles' "Come Together", entitled "Kon' Togethy". Listen to it, or download it for free at:

Now to find a tutorial video on Siberian throat singing and beat these hippies at their own game...

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