Wednesday 2 May 2007

Fox News - Gay Rights Campaigner?

The Westboro Baptish Church. Finally, Phelps' brand of moronic deviancy truly has achieved the miraculous. One impassioned interview with spokesperson/daughter Shirley Phelps and the following happens...

Fox News = Pro Gay Rights.

Albeit occuring via a newsreader continuously and loudly quoting Scripture live on air. (Read that sentence once more and be sure to soak up every atom of its insanity.) But it is perversely impressive.

Watch the clip below... The horror.



BRENDAN said...

wow, that was insanity

Colm said...

Oh my God.

John Cav said...

I know. It truly is insanity.

Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

I am a Christian. The hatred being spewed by this so-called church makes me think some very
un-Christian-like thoughts.

I literally feel sick to my stomach when I see these people.

They also said horrible things about the Virginia Tech shooting, Matthew Sheppard (sp?), the victims of the Amish school shooting... the list goes on.

If they really believe that God is on their side, why the need to attack God's children at their most vulnerable moments?

What they are doing is evil.

.... Well, before I go into a full blown rant on YOUR blog (I'm so bad, eh) I'll sign off.