Tuesday 15 May 2007


The New(ish) Journalism is orginally from Ennis. Two interesting things about Ennis in terms of the General Election:
  • Firstly, there is currently a substantial rumour - however without fire, no smoke - circulating the town that a certain candidate in the constituency may have trifled towards a wee faux pas. Canvassing in the square of the town this week, the candidate - an affiliate of either The League Of Bertie or Honest Enda, can not state categorically which party here, libel and what not, you never know - responded thusly to a child who asked for a bottle of water: "Sure, you don't even have a vote!" He/she then walked on, entourage in tow. No bottle of water given. Wysteria Lane Ennis ain't, but tongues are wagging nonetheless. Caustic vibrations... Wysteria Lane? Really. What a camp reference.
  • Secondly, there is not one election poster put up in the town of Ennis. Not one. Ennis Urban District Council decreed that these election posters were to be banned from the streets on the grounds of "visual pollution"... Huzzah! A truly brilliant idea. The democratic process is wonderful and all, but there is only so many "Bertie's Team" shyster mug shots and Honest Enda plea bargains that a man can take as he wanders the streets. Ennis: for once an oasis for the cynic.

However as soon as you drive outside of the jurisdiction of the urban council, the posters inevitably resurface. Their naffly Orwellian grip reapplied, albeit with somewhat arthritic fingers. It is perhaps ironic that as you leave Ennis for the direction of Galway via the bypass slip road there is one candidate whose poster appears more than others, Brian Meaney's... The Green Party candidate!

I give up.

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mp3hugger said...

Good man yourself, another Clareman as blogger. Glad I'm not alone! Good luck with the site, great start.