Wednesday 9 May 2007

Bad Day At Work? A Musical Interlude.

Having a bad day at work? The job getting you down? Allow The New(ish) Journalism to offer you some brief musical respite.
First up, the band for whom genre is not a concern, Brazilian baile-funk-powerpop-jockrock weirdsters Bonde Do Role with their new single "Office Boy": a bouncy Portuguese invective toward one of the shittiest jobs in Brazil, that of lowly office boy. The video is a lesson in the possibilities of self-aware nonsense, and was surely as cheap as chips to make. Wince at the soulless drones who populate its background, secure in the knowledge that your life is so much more relevant than theirs. This is not yours... Fuck off back to retirement Right Said Fred, you are now more redundant than ever. Re-releases or no.

Next up, Grizzly Bear walk the streets of Paris, treating all and sundry to a gloriously realised a cappella version of their song "Knife". An old one, but I mean only to make you smile. Thankfully, a beating heart is the only prerequisite for smiling at this.

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