Sunday 8 April 2007

The Picnic Returneth...

One of the many reasons Electric Picnic wipes the floor with the competition. Pun unintended.

It returns once more, 32,500 capacity intact. Yes, it is a pity that brave souls among us must endure the wretched diatribe that is Oxegen to witness the majestic Arcade Fire. Stradbally is where they belong, yet they chose to follow the money and 80,000 Northsiders to the racecourse. Let them off. Jaded anti-capitalist polemic will not follow. Easy now hippies.

It is of course of Electric Picnic which I speak. Tickets are still on sale and there are many other reasons to part with the requisite funds. Bjork, LCD Soundsystem, and the Beastie Boys are quality headliners. Lesser known acts such as the delightful Fujiya & Miyagi - check out their electronica/Krautrock buzz on last year's Transparent Things, Ratatat, !!! (Chk, Chk, Chk), and the willfully bizarre Deerhoof should also be checked out. One can only hope the Dublin Gospel Choir and The Polyphonic Spree sit side by side on the finalised schedule.

Frankly, it astounds me that people are still willing to go to unadulterated shite like Oxegen when we have the Picnic. Perhaps it is just a nonsensical quirk of mine, but I think a festival can only be aided by a lack of tent burning, mugging, random beatings and numerous rape allegations. Don't even get me started on the toilets...

Seeing as the line-up is far from being confirmed, allow me to proffer up an act or five from mine own wish list: I'm From Barcelona (giddy Swedish festivalised euphoria, with 29 band members), Subtle (deftly quixotic 'hip-hop', using the term lightly), Ninja High School (shouty agit rap), Final Fantasy (the man makes Rufus Wainwright seem butch, but He Poos Clouds is wicked), and in an ideal world, Sigur Ros.

Oh, and Sufjan Stevens.

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BRENDAN said...

we need 'unadultered shite' gigs like oxygen to take all the scobe trash away from gigs like the Picnic and thus make the better class of people feel safer