Thursday 26 April 2007

The League Of Bertie

An unforgiving maelstrom of lies, damn lies, and excess stamp duty descends upon the populous. Gerry Stembridge patronises Pat Kenny on the Late Late. Gift Grub audibly strains under the expectations of key demographics, their appetites for polite satire insatiable. Posters adorned with the chiselled features of Willie O' Dea already sit atop the lamposts and other assorted roadside bric-a-brac of Limerick East. A tired (possibly) Limerick City Council concludes that it has "no legal basis" to order the removal of these posters, up before an election is even called. [The Irish Times, Wed 25 Apr 07, p.9]

Yes folks, the General Election is almost upon us. Perhaps apt at this juncture is the buzzword of Elections Past... Transparency? Permit me a healthily sceptical chuckle. Allow the above image to get thee in the mood. Salvation awaits the brave/patient.

Pic found on the wonderfully monikered Potatriotique.

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