Wednesday 18 April 2007

Galway's Finest - The Cheerfuls.

The Cheerfuls are (L-R): Daniel, Shane, and Oisin Cluskey.

Sit children and take heed. For I am about to impart onto you, for those of you presently unaware, a piece of Wisdom. Musical wisdom, that is. It is about a band. A band who as yet remain inexplicably unsigned. The band is called The Cheerfuls. They are from Salthill, Co. Galway. They are three brothers, Daniel, Shane, and Oisin Cluskey. And they are really rather good. Impressively harmonised pop intelligence is their bag, allied with a healthy helping of white boy funk. Their offerings could be accused of being inoffensive, but I mean this in a very good way. Angst-ridden "How can I hate you, When you're being so supportive?" - thanking you Bill Bailey - emo-shite this is not. No. Instead, The Cheerfuls offer up intentionally upbeat and self-aware pure pop gems. Go on... I dare you not to dance.

Yes, this blogger can personally testify to their crowd-pleasing nous, having seen them support Swedish joy-hards I'm From Barcelona in the Roisin Dubh a few months back. Rarely has a support act keyed up a crowd so perfectly, and on their own merit.

Upcoming shows? May 14. Roisin Dubh - Nokia New Music Tour. Galway. & June 11. The Old Oak. Cork.

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