Wednesday 18 April 2007

Bebo - A Casual Observation By A Casual Frequenter.

Let us consider for a moment the precious few amongst us who continue to denounce the phenomenon that is Bebo; one of the most "exhilirating trips" available to today's average man/cyberseptic junkie.

These ignorant fools are alien to the sensation of your entire nervous system fervently alive with the anticipation of that next glorious page view. 1597 views... Lord, please, make it 1600. Decree me worthy to taste from today's Bebofied grail of social acceptance! Let joyous conformity be mine, if only for a brief ecstasy.

These ignorant fools know nothing of the excited uploading of drunken, out of focus, cringingly repetitive photographs onto a Bebo page. Some of the most precious moments are when Pesky Anticipation rears its head most inglorious... I demand more page views... No... ALL OF THEM... The adrenaline courses, and the whole riot engages, and the steaming shitfire rains down from on high, spread over the lands by the ceiling fans of Bebo's callous grasp - no more page views. How can this injustice be? You comb the chaos ensuing for the details, desperate to source a nugget of Wisdom, however shitcaked. Nothing. Nothing. But my pictures are hilarious. My flashbox unparalleled. My Me, Myself & I section without peer? The boy releases his intense grip. The wings viviously snapped off life's dreams most dear, by the remorseless five year old of Bebo/chance. A grudging acceptance pervades the innocence of holiday snaps. Saturation reigns. Nobody cares anymore... What?

Who are these people to ignore? Life is unkind.


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