Wednesday 28 February 2007

Thank You For The Music...

I'm From Barcelona's own brand of giddy euphoria at Lundakarnevalen, 2006.

In September of last year, this blogger engaged Barcelona for a week, got heroically drunk, viciously ill, somewhat intimidated by the lunacy of the Levski Sofia faithful (Champions League at Camp Nou) and held at knife point by a Catalunyan pimp. Young Swede Emanuel Lundgren had a somewhat different experience in the city; fully embracing the cultural and aesthetic joys of Barcelona - 6'5" tranvestites peppering the southern tip of Las Ramblas come nightfall notwithstanding. Soon after his homecoming, fueled by love and vacation, Emanuel writes a couple of explosive happy pop songs and decides to gather all his friends to put them on tape. His apartment turns into a friendly factory as people come and go loaded with banjos, accordions and kazoos. The result? I'm From Barcelona. Medium-length story short, Lundgren and his posse of 29 or so cohorts play a gig in August 2005, experience unexpected critical success and hype, thousands of downloads from their website, and a youtube smash with their anthemic We're From Barcelona. The EP "Don't Give Up On Your Dreams, Buddy!" is released on EMI Sweden in early 2006, followed by their debut feature LP "Let Me Introduce My Friends". Why all the information? Simply as means of a precursor to informing you about their upcoming gigs in The Village, Dublin, 2nd March, and Roisin Dubh, Galway, 3rd March. The word from their gig in Roisin's in November last indicates that this gig is not one to be missed.
Other Swedish bands worth checking out, factoring in both your time and inclination are Suburban Kids With Biblical Names and Jens Lekman. The Kids' Rent A Wreck is a lesson in the aching simplicity of a catchy chorus. "I want to turn all their dancefloors into a burning inferno of ba, ba, ba." Indeed.

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